​Carol Lahke 

​​Interior Design & Home Staging

Thank you to my amazing clients. From all walks of life, socio economic backgrounds and situations, I continue to be inspired by each one of you. 
​                                                -Carol Lahke


"I would give Carol 100 Stars if I could. Carol has helped us now with 3 of our homes, the last one being a new build. She always thinks outside of the box. I love her style and how she will use something you’ve had for years and somehow make it fresh and current. You can’t go wrong with Carol, she truly has a gift in making your house a home."

                                                                                                  - Jennifer H.

" Thank you Carol!  Your organizing skills are magical!  What took us five hours to do, would have taken me months.  Actually, I couldn't have done it alone because I was unmotivated and lacked focus.  My car is back in my garage and I feel motivated to organize my other rooms!"

​                                                                                                   -Sandy J.

"Working with Carol is a blast! Her creativity in mixing in the old with new is amazing. She is great at using an existing piece in a new way to create something new and beautiful. She has incredible eye for detail and color.  
Carols personality, and passion for her clients make her refreshingly unique in her profession. Do yourself a favor before starting any project, just call Carol.  Utilizing Carols services will save you time and money, and did I mention she is a blast!?"

                                                                                                        -Brent C.

​"I love working with Carol. She makes decorating fun and really jump started me to tackle my entire house. It took me three years of living in my new house to get motivated and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I was really nervous about paint color because I’ve screwed that up before. She gave me the PERFECT color palate. She also gave me advice and guidance along the way. She’s always working for you. I love how when she’s shopping, she’s thinking of you and taking photos of things that might work and texting them asking my thoughts! She will even pick things up while she’s out and drop them off. I had a limited budget and she guided me so I could spend wisely. I also love how she repurposes things. I highly recommend Carol."

                                                                                                                          - Joy N.