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​Carol Lahke 

Home Staging 

Get Serious About the Sale
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In​Terior Design

Transform your space 

Redesign / Renovate / New move

​​$75 Hourly or Package Pricing

​Staging your home for the sales process is the single most important form of marketing to prompt a quick deal and subsequent contract. This valuable tool provides all potential buyers the foresight to imagine themselves in your home.  Carol specializes in declutter and redesign of your current household with existing furniture and accessories or to introduce new ones from her exclusive inventory. Carol transforms an environment to draw in potential buyers who immediately experience a sense of excitement. This results in the I can’t wait to live there moments.

Carol works with many local real estate agents including her husband, Duncan Lahke of ReMax Time.  She helps agents to convert even the most challenging listings into successful sales.   

Whether saving money for a future down-payment, maintaining costs of your property while on the market, or simply faced with limited funds, most clients find it difficult to spend money on a property about to be sold. The fastest way to make money is to sell your property quickly! Carol ensures clients spend their money where it counts which makes for client gratification rather than apprehension.  


Carol is a licensed Professional Organizer with Cincinnati based, Organize 365® Certification Program and has ​​over 15+ years of experience and countless hours working one-on-one with clients organizing in their homes. This has enabled her to master an optimal process to coach individuals of all backgrounds and personalities. The primary objective is to help clients get organized for the long term or provide special help during stressful life events such as downsizing or moving.

Carol especially enjoys helping families with special needs member(s).  Organizing to help someone with ADHD is very different than organizing an OCD personality or diagnosis.  When a person can better manage their surroundings and responsibilities, regardless of their disability or situation, they will be more successful and have a peace of mind.

$150 Initial In-Home Consultation (Usually lasts approximately one hour to two hours)

$75 Hourly In-Home


Whether it’s a redesign of your current space, selection of paint colors and finishes for a renovation or preparation for a move into a new home, Carol streamlines the process which results in significant savings of time and money.  No space is too small to ask for help!  Start with a simple bookshelf, room or whole house. 

Together with clients, Carol photographs and evaluates all space/rooms to be addressed. Each consultation is unique and can include rearrangement of existing furniture & decor or assist you with new purchases for your home.  She always considers your life style and personal home goals in her final recommendations. 


Carol will assist with the placement of furniture, staging horizontal surfaces such as shelving, tables, counter tops, mantels, desks and more! Basically pulling all of your design elements together for the final reveal!  She can recreate spaces using using new purchases while weaving in old favorite decor. This process can include everything from the placement of art, lamps, rugs, and more.  Carol will work alongside contractors/handy persons for heavy installations and hanging wall décor, providing guidance on placement. 


Carol loves repurposing existing decor from the previous home into the new residence. From overseeing what to pack and take with you for the move to arranging the perfect placement of all your items in your new home.  And as always she can help with new selections before or after the move. Carol pulls each room together and manages all of the details. Talk about a huge stress reliever!